TURPENTINE is a liquid composed of terpenes and is a resulting derivative of Elliottii pine’s resin distillation.


TURPENTINE is used as solvent and as a source for other derivatives for organic synthesis of compounds used in fragrances. It is also used in the production of disinfectants, domestic fragrances and industrial cleaners. It is suggested to perform tests to determine the most appropriate quantity to be used for each specific case.


Excellent compatibility with solvents (Alcohols, aliphatic, naphthenic & aromatics). Water insoluble.


18 months from manufacture date, in original unopened packaging.

Product Characteristics

QC Data
(Determined on each lot)

Appearance » Clear
Softening Point (R&B; °C) » Min. 75
Gardner Color (50% Toluene) » Max. 5
Crystallization Test (5gr Rosin +5ml Acetone in test tube at 25°C,
without agitation)
2 hours (mm) » 0
24 hours (mm) » Max. 5

Other characteristics (Determined regularly)

Ashes (%) » Max. 0.01
Saponification Index 170 – 175
Color USDA » WW


TURPENTINE must be stored in sealed packaging, due to product’s sensitivity to air, daylight or exposition to high temperatures.


TURPENTINE is available in 25 Kg kegs.