Rosin DP 80 is a deodorized rubber resin with a very low tendency towards crystallization, obtained from Elliottii pine.


Due to its excellent No Crystallization and low color conditions, ROSIN NON CRYSTAL is used in depilatory waxes, and as taquifier in some hot melt and water based adhesives. It also finds application in paper sizing, rubber compounds, and road marking paints. We suggest performing tests to determine the proper quantity to be used for each specific case.


Excellent compatibility with solvents (Alcohols, aliphatic, naphthenic & aromatics), elastomers (SBS, SIS), copolymers EVA, waxes (paraffinic, Fisher Tropsh; synthetic), and other typical components of hot melt and water based adhesives.


18 months from manufacture date, in original unopened packaging.

Product Characteristics

QC Data
(Determined on each lot)

Appearance » Clear
Softening Point (R&B; °C) » Min 78
Gardner Color (50% Toluene) » Max 5
Acid Value (mg KOH/gr) » 145-160

Crystalization Test (5gr Rosin + 5ml Acetone in test tube at 25°C, without agitation)

2 hours (mm) 0
24 hours (mm) Max. 3

Other Characteristics (Determined customarily)

Ashes (%) » Max. 0.01
Saponification Index» 165 – 175


ROSIN DP 80 must be stored in sealed packaging, due to product sensitivity to air, daylight or exposition to high temperatures.


ROSIN DP 80 is available in 25 Kg carton keg.

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