An industry for industries

We are an Argentinean Company, with its production plant located at the Gualeguaychú Industrial Park (GIP), in the province of Entre Ríos dedicated to the production of Rosin resin and derivatives.

We focus on our clients

prioritizing quality and fast response time in a highly competitive market.


During 2015, we started producing disproportionate Rosin ester resin in scales, adding a fundamental piece to our products offer.

This kind of resin provides a better thermal stability, low smell and color, and is especially suitable for the production of EVA and PSA hot melt adhesives.

The constant flow of communication between our specialized personnel and our clients, make the development of new alternatives possible , adding an added value to our products.

An excellent planning for distribution and transportation and storage availability, make our clients count on the requested products at the required time.

We support National Industry with our vast variety of chemical products.