Who are we?

Located at the Gualeguaychú Industrial Park (GIP) in the province of Entre Ríos. Its strategic geographic location: 200 Km. away from the city of Buenos Aires through Mesopotamic Highway, 500 Km. away from Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city, 250 Km. away from the Victoria – Rosario Bridge, 300 Km. away from Paraná, Entre Ríos’ capital city and 30 Km. away from Gral. San Martín International Bridge which connects Gualeguaychú and Fray Bentos makes us the obligatory entryway to the countries that conform the MerCoSur.

Developing, elaborating and commercializing innovative and high quality chemical products that contribute to satisfy our clients’ demand, with the purpose of delivering unique products, in a convenient way and with a competitive price.
Being a leader company in the development, production and supply of Rosin resin and derivatives, renowned in both the local and international market for its innovation capability and fully satisfying its clients’ needs..

Reliability, honesty, ethic regarding commercial practices. Commitment towards the client, personnel and providers. Environmental and social responsibility.

Our values

Our goal

To offer sustainable solutions for a fluctuant market and to be a reliable partner to both our clients and providers. To represent and supply the most prestigious international and national enterprises. We focus on the improvement of the quality of the supplies we provide and the services we provide our clients with, working along our providers through technical support. At the same time, cooperating with the professional and personal development of the people that are part of our team, generating solid bonds that way.